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Ross Deuchar, PhD

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Ross Deuchar, PhD has a wealth of experience in life coaching, performance coaching and meditation coaching. He has a PhD in Education and Sociology from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and has over 25 years of experience of working in education and with clients in business, social care and penal settings.

Ross has particular expertise as a certified Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner, having completed his training in this area with Mindfulness Scotland in 2020. He is a certified Life Coach, accredited by the Coaching Academy, and supports clients in a holistic way, often drawing on meditative approaches, dynamic breathing and visualisation techniques to help them find a level of equilibrium and to achieve their goals and outcomes. He is also an NLP Practitioner, certified by the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.

As a Life Coach, Ross has worked with a wide range of clients to support them in working towards personal and business-oriented goals but has particular experience in supporting those suffering from stress and those seeking support with their mental health. Clients attending his mindfulness courses and workshops have reported on the positive impact of the sessions in terms of stress management and anxiety reduction.

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Dr Ross Deuchar, MindBreath Coaching, Glasgow, Scotland.

Tel: 07960 352442

Email: mindbreathcoaching@gmail.com

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Ross Deuchar, PhD is a certified Life Coach, having completed his training with the Coaching Academy. Ross is also a Mindfulness practitioner, having completed his training with Mindfulness Scotland, whose teacher training course has been accredited by the UK Network of Mindfulness Training Organisations. In addition, Ross is an NLP Practitioner, certified by the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.

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At MindBreath Coaching, we offer holistic support in the form of life coaching, meditation and dynamic breathing.

About Us

We can assist you in stress management and the challenges of modern life through mindfulness meditation and/or dynamic breathing exercises and practices.

If you are interested in life coaching, we can draw on a holistic approach to help you to explore and understand where you currently are and how you can move to where you want to get to, at your own pace and to your own agenda. You will be offered a confidential and safe environment to explore your situation, to make profound changes and ensure that you, your surrounding context and your performance is in the best possible shape.