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Mindfulness has been described as ‘paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally’ (Kabat-Zinn, 2005). As such, this dispassionate state of self-observation is thought to ‘introduce a space between one’s perception and response’ and enable one to respond to situations more reflectively (Bishop et al., 2004).

Forty years ago, Jon Kabat-Zinn realised the transformative potential of mindfulness and translated the ancient practices of cultivating mindfulness into western medical contexts.

At MindBreath Coaching, we support you in making positive changes to your life through introducing you to a range of mindfulness practices. We offer a range of group or one-to-one sessions and full programmes. For further details of upcoming sessions, see below or please contact MindBreath Coaching to book group or one-to-one mindfulness sessions here.

Mindfulness and Breathing Sessions

FREE Mindfulness and Breathing Workshops - Mon 28th and Wed 30th December 2020 at 11am-11.30am. Please click here to contact me for further details and costs.

Mindfulness Programmes

6-week Mindfulness & Breathing course - next course will be in February 2021. Please click here to contact me for further details and costs.

Client Testimonials

'I thoroughly enjoyed my meditation sessions with Ross, his professional and calming manner taught me breathing techniques to slow down my racing brain and focus positivity in the moment and in turn allowing me to cope with the day ahead.' (Helen Dupree, Glasgow)

'Ross has an incredibly soothing voice and peaceful aura and I quickly found myself able to drown out the chatter of every day life and achieve a sense of focused relaxation. Ross has a wide range of themes for each session, but focusing on gratitude has been the most rewarding for me, both in terms of my personal and working life. Following these sessions I am more appreciative, positive and productive and can more easily fend off any negative thoughts and emotions.' (Dr Grace Robinson, Liverpool)

'Ross’s mindfulness sessions have helped me without a shadow of doubt, I don’t hold onto those demobilising thoughts now! Before these sessions started the erratic, chaotic thoughts would have me irate and not able to focus on the present moment. Now when they come into my mind and I welcome them with love and open arms, the negative can’t stand love.' (Mark Edwards, Glasgow)

'Ross is clearly an experienced practitioner who is able to convey mindfulness concepts in an accessible and easy to understand way. Having tried many mindfulness classes, Ross' sessions stand out as being particularly enjoyable as he ensures that everyone in session feels welcome and included, regardless of their level of experience. I always feel calmer and more alert after starting the day with one of his sessions.' (Karen Goodall, Edinburgh)

'Highly recommended course. Very practical and easy to learn mindfulness practices. The practices were varied from breathing techniques, body scan and deeper meditations. Ross is an excellent guide and I look forward to the next course.' (Patrick McCurdie Ireland)

'I thought Ross delivered the course brilliantly and all the content was clear and well structured ... I felt it gave me the push I needed to start implementing mindfulness meditation into my daily life. (Rob Ferguson, Wales)

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Ross Deuchar, PhD is a certified Life Coach, having completed his training with the Coaching Academy. Ross is also a Mindfulness practitioner, having completed his training with Mindfulness Scotland, whose teacher training course has been accredited by the UK Network of Mindfulness Training Organisations. In addition, Ross is an NLP Practitioner, certified by the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.