Life Coach Glasgow and Performance Coaching

Life Coaching Glasgow

If you are interested in life coaching and/or performance coaching, Ross will offer you a confidential and safe environment to explore and understand where you currently are personally or professionally and to begin to move forward at your own pace. He will adopt a client-centred approach to support you in achieving what you want, assisting you in making permanent change and increasing your confidence, self esteem and general feeling of wellbeing along the way.

Ross's coaching style ranges from mindful and exploratory, to direct and results-oriented, depending on your own particular needs as a client. He is an extremely versatile life coach with a broad range of holistic skills, and always places the client at the very centre of his approach. If meditation works for you, then Ross will draw upon this to support you; if dynamic breathing exercises are helpful, he will introduce you to these; or if visualisation tools are what help you best, then Ross's approach will incorporate these. Working with Ross, you will feel listened to, supported and understood.

As an experienced Glasgow-based life coach, performance and meditation coach, Ross has coached and trained individuals in a number of areas, such as:

  • Confidence-building / self-esteem enhancement

  • Weight loss and diet

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs

  • Managing addiction

  • Preparing for interviews

  • Setting up a business

  • Music production

  • Preparing to work with young people

  • Relationship issues

  • Stress management

  • Executive performance

  • Anxiety reduction

Free Exploration Session

If you are really serious about striving to get from where you currently are to where you want to be, and are potentially interested in drawing on a holistic approach to achieving what you want in life, then we would start with a free exploration session, where we will explore how working together could make a difference to your life. Thereafter, either single sessions or an initial block of 4 sessions can be arranged either via technology such as Zoom or Skype, on the telephone or in person in Glasgow. If you are interested in a free exploration session and/or to find more about the client fee structure, please contact MindBreath Coaching Glasgow here.

Session Duration

Sessions usually last around one hour.

Session Frequency

For most clients, coaching will take place every 2 weeks. However, some clients initially may prefer to have sessions once a week to help them gain focus and momentum. Clients may opt to have only one session or may prefer blocks of 4. After an initial block of 4 sessions, some clients may decide to opt for a further block of 4 or more sessions. This would be clarified after initial discussions had taken place during the Free Exploration Session.

Client Testimonials

'I have found working with Ross really beneficial in enabling me to work towards achieving my health and well-being goals. His supportive, nurturing approach and his use of visualisation practices really helped me to gain a clear focus.' (Michelle Russell, Glasgow)

'I was at a standstill before I started doing life coaching sessions with Ross. I was then able to establish a direction I wanted to head in. I cleared the debris from the cluttered mind and got a baseline foundation ... It took me 3 life coaching sessions to go from ‘I’m not sure what or where I’m going’, to securing a place of work in mental health ... For me, it felt like Ross came along as a locksmith and handed me a skeleton key to the answers I held within. (Mark Edwards, Glasgow)

'The coaching sessions have been an excellent way to allow me to reflect on both my current situation and some potential areas for development in the future. As a CEO of an organisation there can be limited capacity to discuss options for self development or alternatively some of the challenges you are experiencing ... The sessions have helped bring out thoughts and ideas that were in my head but never had the time or questioning to bring them out for further examination ... Ross has been open, communicated well and made it easy to develop a level of trust and asked a range of questions to get me thinking.' (Gary Dalziel, Glasgow)

'Ross has an extremely peaceful aura and has the ability to make you feel relaxed and at ease throughout the sessions. Rather than talking at you, he guides you to find the answers from within, equipping you with the skills to channel your focus and work towards your goals, whatever they may be. I would hugely recommend Ross’ coaching sessions for anyone looking for some guidance and support in reaching their full potential.' (Grace Robinson, Liverpool)

'Ross Deuchar is an engaging and exceptional life and performance coach. Ross listened to my personal objectives and challenged me to visualize my outcomes in setting personal goals. This provided the perfect blend of accountability and coaching'. (Simon Osamoh, Minneapolis, USA)

'Ross helped me to improve my self belief and to begin to push myself socially again. I immediately felt relaxed by his style of coaching, and being put at ease really helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve and get out there and make a difference.' (Andy Sheridan, Livingston)

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Ross Deuchar, PhD is a certified Life Coach, having completed his training with the Coaching Academy. He is also a Mindfulness practitioner, having completed his training with Mindfulness Scotland in Glasgow, whose teacher training course has been accredited by the UK Network of Mindfulness Training Organisations.